Laurent Bernaerts

Technical Expert - Naturapy® at DCM

With more than 20 years of experience in plant protection and driven by my passion for the profession, I started working at Group De Ceuster in 2005. I worked on various projects, which allowed me to build up a good relationship of trust with our customers over the years.

Being able to share my passion with my employer and colleagues makes it a pleasure to work here.

Since 2015 I have been involved in a new project at DCM: the launch of the Naturapy® range. Within our product range for the amateur gardener, this is our ‘latest arrival’. The assortment is based on our sustainability philosophy. Its basic idea is to start from healthy plants and to keep them healthy rather than curing them. Within this concept I can use and share my expertise very well. In cooperation with our product managers and the sales department we examine the market needs. I also support the marketing team in packaging development. To this end, I also assist our in-house photographer to find the most suitable images and photos.

For me, my job is born out of a passion and a drive. And this certainly doesn't just apply to me; it's nice to share the same passion with your employer. When I hear Herman De Ceuster speak passionately, I definitely get goose bumps. The vision expressed in the slogan ‘For each other, with each other, by each other’ is really put into practice here. We keep growing because we want to optimally meet our customers’ needs, and we are happy to do so!

I continue to appreciate the development opportunities you’re given here. This development is reflected in our product range, but also on a personal level, because we can and are allowed to further develop ourselves within our function. And that doesn’t necessarily mean ‘climbing higher’, but also being able to indulge in what you’re good at; find your way like the roots of plant do, to bring out the best. In recent years, I have contributed to the development of several new products and I have been involved in many projects. And undoubtedly there will be many more opportunities in the remaining 15 years.