Our vision

For each other, with each other, by eauch other” summarizes the family foundations on which all the companies of GroupDC have developed since the early years. This slogan, which has been decorating the entrance hall of the head office for more than 25 years, is the basis of everything we do. We are aware that we can only continue to develop our business successfully thanks to and in collaboration with loyal and enthusiastic customers. And it is only through result-oriented teamwork and the passionate commitment of every employee that we can continue to offer our customers a high-quality service.


For our customers, with our customers and by our customers

We owe the greater part of the growth and success of our family business to particularly strong and loyal relationships with our customers. True to our motto, we like to involve our customers in our family. This also means that our customers often inspire us with new and innovative ideas and encourage us to develop new products or explore new markets. We listen to them and use this input in our policy-making. In this way, we continuously try to formulate solutions that exceed expectations. This strong relationship also allows us to gain new customers through word of mouth. At Group DC, we strive to achieve what is known as “Delighted Customers (DC)”, which also gives another interpretation to the letters ‘DC’ in our family name.

For our employees, with our employees and by our employees

GroupDC has come a long way since Herman De Ceuster founded a small company that was active in the horticultural sector in 1966. Thanks to a small, close-knit and competent team, showing deep respect for each other and for the customers, excellent results were achieved in the early years. In the meantime, the small family business has grown into a group of companies that includes 450 employees. Many new colleagues have joined the company in recent years to strengthen and shape it. Logically, buildings and processes have developed in the same way. Even today, in a group with different business units in different countries, we want to continue to watch over the family values of our company. As in the early days, it is above all our employees, rather than machines or financial resources,  who make it possible to obtain enthusiastic customers and to ensure our company’s growth. To preserve this DNA for the future, the slogan of the early years has been translated into five core qualities that we expect from every employee. These core qualities set the foundation for the further growth of our company.

For our environment, with our environment and by our environment

The core of our activities is rooted in respect for people, plants and the environment. Herman De Ceuster's dynamism and love of nature, together with his conviction that sustainable fertilisers are essential for the future, resolutely pushed the company towards organic products. Today, we continue to build on these ‘ecological foundations’. Sustainability is an automatic reflex in all our activities: from the sourcing of raw materials (reuse of residual materials) through all production processes (minimum CO2 emissions and zero discharge status), to the logistics process (recyclability, eco-driving, ...), we take our social responsibilities seriously. In our contacts with the job market, we offer equal opportunities to all applicants: driven by deep respect for all job-seekers, we ensure that all applicants, including applicants with disabilities, applicants of foreign origin or older applicants, get equal opportunity to apply.