From the many conversations we have had with employees and managers about the company’s strength, about collaborating now and in the past, and about what distinguishes us from other companies, we have distilled five core qualities. These core qualities represent the characteristics that we want to find in all our employees. By actively promoting these core qualities, we want to preserve the work attitude that helped to make the small family business great.


Going for great: the quality of always trying to do a little bit better. We expect everyone to come up with new ideas, to be eager to learn and to constantly strive to improve in their daily job.

Result Driven: the quality of keeping promises and being result oriented, knowing that customers are our first priority.

Open Minded: the quality of adapting with an open mind to the changing organization, to other cultures, respecting other’s opinions. The ability to be creative and original.

United Thinking: the quality of attaching great importance to teamwork, collegiality and group thinking, entirely in line with the motto "for each other, with each other, by each other".

Passion for Service: the quality that makes employees radiate enthusiasm and positive energy. This is only possible if you, as an employee, are very engaged in the company and intrinsically motivated to make colleagues and customers happy.

The initial letters of each quality form the word "GROUP", so we can speak about the GroupDC core qualities. In this way, each letter of "GROUPDC" has its own special meaning and our name immediately reflects what we stand for: 5 core qualities with which we strive to "delight our customers".