HR policy

We set high expectations for our employees. With our human resource policy, we therefore aim to facilitate their performance as much as possible.

We focus on three important goals.


Creating a dynamic organization

  • Good management of the capacity and the composition of the teams
  • Well-defined responsibilities and clear leadership
  • Smart task and project allocation that encourages involvement and initiative
  • Effective communication processes

with enthusiastic employees

  • Focus on quality, training and commitment so that our employees can and want to achieve the performances that are important for our organization today and tomorrow
  • Focus on sustainable employment and vitality so that employees have fun at work and have the resilience to evolve with the company       

in a stimulating work environment

  • Concern for a happy workplace, with special attention to climate, safety, atmosphere and facilities
  • Clear "translation" of strategy, vision and mission
  • Value-driven leadership based on our company DNA