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The companies belonging to Group De Ceuster can be divided into two international business units: De Ceuster Plant care and De Ceuster Animal care. These divisions are in turn supported by a number of common departments (Communication and events, Finance, RH, TIC, SSEQ) and by De Ceuster Biosciences, specialised in research and biotechnology.


De Ceuster Plant care

With our Plant care division, we have more than 45 years of experience in developing, producing and marketing of organic and ecologic fertilisers. Over the years, this product range has been expanded to include the best potting soils, soil improvers, covering materials, grass seeds and solutions of natural origin to prevent and/or treat plant diseases. Thanks to own subsidiaries in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Austria, but also through partnerships with distributors in many other countries, DCM’s quality is appreciated worldwide by professionals and garden enthusiasts.


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De Ceuster Animal care

The Animal care division is specialised in the development, production and marketing of concentrates, proteins and dry ingredient mixtures for animal feed. With a strong focus on developing countries, we deliver customised solutions by taking into account the local climatic conditions, the availability of raw materials, the financial resources and the infrastructure of the country concerned.

We are also specialised in offering total solutions for poultry farmers, in particular in the automation and renovation of beginning or existing poultry farms.


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De Ceuster Biosciences

Within the Biosciences division, we have our own research centre, Scientia Terrae, and we collaborate with several partners from the academic world. Thanks to this unique exchange of knowledge, experience and expertise, we succeed together in translating fundamental science into practical applications and innovative solutions for customers and professional users.

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