Research Associate Fytopathology & Biological Control at Scientia Terrae

As a bioengineer, I am specialized in plant diseases and biological control. This means that I look for environmentally friendly solutions to control plant diseases. During my PhD and postdoctoral research at KU Leuven, I already worked on some projects with the Research & Development department of DCM and with Scientia Terrae, the research centre of Group De Ceuster. This cooperation was a very positive experience on both sides. I could also completely agree with the application-oriented research. So as soon as I heard that a job in my field of expertise had become available at Scientia Terrae, I did not hesitate to apply.

"You are given every opportunity to show initiative and commitment and to further develop"

On September 1, 2016 I started in our research centre, as coordinator for all research concerning plant diseases and biological control. In this capacity, I am responsible for a very diverse team that combines different specializations. On the one hand, we focus on finding solutions to current problems within the agricultural sector, and on the other, we work closely with DCM's R&D department to develop new products.

I get great satisfaction from the enormous variability within the different projects, from the application-oriented character of our research, as well as from working in a team towards a common goal. I feel very comfortable in this international environment with a positive culture and a strong focus on research. The fact that we work in a family business also has a positive impact. You are not treated as just a number, but as a person who is given every opportunity to show initiative and commitment and to further develop.