Bart De Winter

Senior Compliance Manager at DCM

In 1990, I graduated as an agricultural engineer, now known as a bioengineer. I immediately started to develop my current expertise in 'Regulatory Affairs' in various fields, including crop protection, biocides, material protection and pet food. After having finished my last work experience in the pet food sector, I wanted to return to my roots in a company focused on plant protection and plant growth stimulation. DCM was the company I had been interested in for some time because of the organic and sustainable nature of its products.

DCM, a company where you are not only appreciated for what you do, but also for who you are.

In 2010 my career at DCM officially started, as did the new ‘Compliance’ department. Since then there have been many interesting and challenging projects, including the approval of our PMV-01 vaccine against Pepino mosaic virus in tomato.

What makes our work so exciting, apart from the everyday registration dossiers, is that we try to deal creatively with the current product regulations within the legal framework. This is how we always try to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. The variety and unique innovative character of our products keeps our job very challenging from a regulatory point of view.

For me, DCM is and will remain a company in which I feel at home: a medium-sized family business in which everyone, across departmental boundaries, works together towards the same goal. A company where you can work in a pleasant atmosphere and with a sufficient degree of freedom. A company where you are not only appreciated for what you do, but also for who you are. ’For each other, with each other, by each other’ as our mission statement puts it. So I will be happy to  continue contributing actively to the development of a great range of innovative products for many years to come!