Accounting Assistant at Intraco

After quite a few years of experience in various positions as an accounting assistant, I felt the time had come to find a new work environment. In 2017, I had my first application interview at Intraco. Although it was rather like a "speed date", I immediately felt a connection with the company, the tasks that had to be carried and the colleagues. Two days later, I was invited to the Intraco manager's office for a second interview. This warm, relaxed and yet very professional interview reassured me even more. I immediately knew this was the job I wanted to do and signed my contract.

"The diversity of the tasks I perform is an important source of motivation.".

As an assistant in the internal accounting department, I handle a wide variety of tasks. These include, for example, booking purchase invoices and other financial transactions, preparing the VAT declaration and giving the necessary support, monthly and quarterly closings, etc. Within the accounting department, we are three colleagues, including a manager, but there is a great deal of fluidity and a very good communication. Each member of our team is responsible for one of the companies for which he/she takes on the accounting, with all the corresponding specificities. On the other hand, we also make sure to stay informed about each other's work so that we can ensure the necessary follow-up if someone is absent.

The diversity of the tasks I perform is an important source of motivation. Of course, my tasks are very much focused on accounting, but I love working with numbers. Intraco has a very flat organisational structure, which means that you can be yourself and that there is a culture of open communication with managers and colleagues.