Adviser Garden landscaping at DCM

In 2005, I started as a merchandiser at DCM. Within our sector we were the first to start merchandising. When I started, we had about 30 employees. As the company was still relatively small at the beginning of my career, we were employed as ‘all-rounders’. Our tasks ranged from visiting customers, to mowing the lawn and assembling the exhibition stands at trade fairs. At that time, we transported all the trade fair materials by truck ourselves to Paris, Amsterdam, Libramont, Roulers,…

"Because I know exactly how our products work, I also fully support them.".

Nowadays, we support our representatives, who are responsible for sales. Each merchandiser works together with 2 to 3 sales representatives. Before the season is in full swing, we start to put everything in order and fill the shelves in the garden centres of our independent customers, so that everything is ready for further sales to the end consumer. In this context, we pay a lot of attention to the placement of our products, making sure that they have the correct price tag, etc. Each shop has a different surface and layout, so you have to be ‘creative’. In the merchandising team, I had a supervisory function, comparable to a team leader.

In my current position, I really find the right balance between head and hand work. You don’t get bored easily. People often underestimate the physical aspect of our work, which consists of stacking bags, lifting and handling heavy boxes, etc. But it gives me great satisfaction.
From January 2020, I will start in a new position as a consultant for the garden design and maintenance sector. I will compile a list of all garden contractors in West Flanders, East Flanders and Flemish Brabant. This will allow me to visit them to promote our products and provide advice. But also to discuss the problems they face every day and to try to solve these problems with our products.

Because I know exactly how our products work, I also fully support them. I know that the products I recommend are well-known and high-quality products. I also feel proud that I am still part of DCM. I have seen the company grow from 30 to over 100 employees. I think you can really be yourself here.