Production operator bagging line at Belcofeed

An uncle of mine had been working for Belcofeed for 15 years and that’s how I got to know the company. We have been colleagues for 2 years now.

"It’s a nice feeling to work at Belcofeed, because all colleagues help each other.".

Every day we receive the necessary documents from our colleagues of the administrative department indicating which customer we will be working for that day. The “recipes” of the animal feed that we bag are indeed different for each customer.  In the administrative department we also find the labels we need, the bags to use, etc.

You can find me at the bagging machine, with a team of 3 people. Once the machine is running, it is almost fully automatic, but we set up the machine from start to finish. Depending on the client we are working for we use different bags. Settings such as weight and speed also depend on this. We usually manage to solve small technical problems ourselves. If not, our colleagues of the technical department pass by to assist us.

Before the bags roll of the bagging line, their weight is checked, as well as their sealing seam. If something is wrong with a bag, we take it out of production. The approved bags are taken to the stacking machine. The stacking is also carried out according to the customer’s needs.

It’s a nice feeling to work at Belcofeed, because all colleagues help each other. If a colleague is ill, we sometimes change teams. Or when other colleagues have too much work to do and we see we can help, we are glad to lend them a hand.  For example, we put finished pallets into storage, we help with loading and unloading, etc. We have a truly good communication within the company; everything runs smoothly, which makes us a good team.