Engineering Manager at DCM

After more than 25 years of professional experience, a new challenge cropped up. Thanks to a rather fortuitous collaboration with a recruitment agency, I learned that DCM was looking for an Engineering Manager.

"We are all part of the family and we work together towards a common goal to make the company run optimally.".

This job offer seemed like a nice challenge to me, which was confirmed during the first interview that gave me a clear insight in the structure of the company, the expectations, the way to manage the team, etc. I immediately had a feeling of confidence and, above all, I felt like willing to start working here.

In March 2018, I officially started in my new position at DCM.

My function today is very broad and diverse. Together with my team, I am responsible for new projects, including negotiations for new machinery, signage in and around the buildings, the follow-up of new buildings, etc. The maintenance of the machines, the buildings and the sites also have a place in my daily schedule.

My team is at the top of my priority list. Open communication is very important! Knowing what is going on both professionally and privately allows you to act accordingly. Besides being a good manager, I especially want to be a good employee and support the colleagues in my department as much as possible.

In addition to the contacts within my department, I have a lot of contacts with the rest of the organization. I also want to be all ears for our production hall employees, and work well with my manager and the company director.

I am proud to say that I am part of the Group De Ceuster team. We are all part of the family and we work together towards a common goal to make the company run optimally. A company that is so ambitious and so eager to grow gives me as an employee the drive to keep going !