Research Assistant at Scientia Terrae

After my studies in biology, I started looking for my first job. I was already in contact with Scientia Terrae through my school. I also had a particular interest in DCM, the sister company, because of the organic, biological and sustainable nature of its fertilisers, which I consider to be the company's greatest asset. Driven by this interest in DCM, I decided to try my luck at their research institute Scientia Terrae. In March 2018, I could start.

"Being able to contribute to innovation gives me energy.".

Within the research centre, I mainly work on trials for DCM. These include, for example, trials involving the Minigran® granule, but there are also many other projects. Each time we start a new project, I work on it for several weeks.

I like to see clear links between my studies and my job. I also like the way we work at Scientia; we work according to protocols. The set of guidelines always allows you to work within a clear and well-defined framework.

Being able to contribute to innovation gives me energy. Of course, I am not alone, we are a close team and we support each other wherever possible and necessary. This company is very multicultural and everyone has his/her own expertise, so we can learn a lot from each other.