Mats Mees

Product Manager Naturapy® at DCM

I got to know DCM in my final year bioengineering. We used their potting soil in our laboratory and we had also visited Scientia Terrae, the research centre. So when I was looking for my first job, I remembered DCM. In 2016, I got the opportunity to start as an all-round technical employee at the internal customer service. I was responsible, among other things, for some marketing-related tasks and I was also the point of contact for technical questions from salespeople and customers. As the job was very varied, I had the advantage of being able to learn a lot, for example our full product range, in a very short time.

At DCM, all colleagues share the same passion.

In 2018 I started as Product Manager of DCM Naturapy®, a range of solutions based on respect for nature. Within this new range, I am responsible for the complete management – from start to finish – of these products, which means from the development of a new product to the withdrawal of a product. I take care of their packaging, stock management, product improvements,… This also means that I come into contact with many departments during the various stages of the process. In addition, I remain the point of contact for the sales team and customers when they have technical questions.

At DCM, all colleagues share the same passion. Thanks to my strong interest in the products, this fast-growing company provides me with many great opportunities. The variety in my job also makes me want to grow with it.