Facilities employee

I have been working at GroupDC since 2010. I got there through a temporary employment agency. One of the permanent employees had left her job and I replaced her and took over her work. After a few months I got a permanent contract.

"It's nice to feel that your work is appreciatede.".

Within the Facilities department, we are currently four colleagues in the DCM building, each of us having a specific post. We help each other, but at the same time we work very independently.

I am currently responsible for the maintenance of the DCM main building. During my work, I sometimes have nice conversations with colleagues in the offices or in the kitchen. Colleagues are always available for each other. When someone is absent, for example, we divide up the work and take on some extra tasks. Everyone is ready to lend a helping hand if needed.

Why I like working at DCM? Because I have a lot of nice colleagues, not only in my own department. For a company of this size, this is not always obvious. It’s also nice to feel that your work is appreciated. My colleagues are all very nice people.