Nutritionist at Intraco

In 2017, I graduated as a bio-engineer, with a master's degree in food technology. When I started looking for a job, I didn’t find something I liked right away. I called on a temporary employment agency that introduced me to Intraco. I had never heard of this company before. But, I knew DCM, the sister company. During my studies, the focus was mainly on human nutrition, but the difference with animal nutrition is not that big. So I took my chance. During the recruitment process I also got to know all the colleagues. I immediately felt welcome and found some common ground.

"This company is open to enthusiastic employees who want to progress together. ".

In January 2018, I started as a nutritionist at Intraco. This company is specialised in the development, production and sale of high quality animal feed ingredients and additive mixtures. In my position, I mainly take care of the development part ; I am a technical expert for our customers but also for my colleagues.

We work very specifically for our customers, based on various parameters and according to their own wishes. When developing a formula, we look at the raw materials available on site, the livestock involved, the local conditions, etc. We then draw up a proposal and, after approval, the formula and the mixing method are sent to Belcofeed, our production site. To get a very clear idea of the possibilities, it can often be useful to visit the customers on site.

I also have a lot of contact with other departments ; within Intraco especially with Sales and Logistics,  but I also have my contacts in other companies of the group.
Moreover, a lot of other tasks often come up, which can be very diverse. For example, I accompany my colleagues to major trade fairs to represent our company, but I also take care of the follow-up of health certificates and legislation related to export and labelling.

Within our organization we work very flexibly. This means that no two days or two weeks are alike, which I find very interesting. It’s also nice to see that my work pays off, for instance for the production of our products, the feeding itself and its effect on the animals.

Intraco is a growing company with very international contacts. The company is open to enthusiastic employees who want to progress together. In this context, open communication is very important.