Ellen Helsen

Marketing Manager at DCM

Eleven years ago, I had my first interview at DCM. During this interview, I noticed a strong personal attention. I immediately felt the cordial climate and the attention paid to the human aspect within the company. 
A week later, on  January 2, 2009, I started as a marketing assistant, an administrative support role. In this position, I took care of ordering, purchasing and following up all POS materials. I was also responsible for the planning of our team. In this position, I had a lot of autonomy to find my own structure and to give it my own interpretation.

We want to ensure that everyone can develop their talents to the fullest. 

After eight years in this position, my supervisor, Els De Ceuster, decided to give three members of the marketing team more responsibility. For me, that meant determining the marketing work schedule.
In July 2018, I had the opportunity to start as a marketing manager.  I grabbed this opportunity with both hands, even though that was not my immediate ambition.

Our marketing team mainly works for DCM Belgium, but also for DCM in the Netherlands, in France, in Austria, in Germany and in the USA. Everything we do for the Belgian market is designed and developed in-house, because we know this market like no other. For the other countries, we develop the ideas that we receive from the team leader of the country concerned.

I am responsible for the planning. Every week, we decide which tasks have to be carried out first and by which team member. Although we often have to look day by day what is happening at the very moment and react immediately. The variety of tasks is fascinating, no two days are alike.

My current role is very broad and offers me a lot of variety. I haven’t regretted my choice once. Collegiality is very important at DCM and I also attach great importance to it. This is clearly visible in my team. All colleagues help each other and take over when necessary, which is greatly appreciated. We also focus very much on the "human" aspect and a lot of importance is attached to colleagues’ well-being. We want to ensure that everyone can develop their talents to fullest. In short, the ‘family feeling’ is still very much present at DCM and we all work on this every day.