Plant manager at Belcofeed

Two years ago, I made an important decision by taking on a new professional challenge: I became plant manager at Belcofeed! I haven’t regretted this decision for one single moment. You could say that my job responsibilities are like an ‘all-inclusive’ : I am responsible for everything that happens on the Belcofeed site. I manage the workflow in close collaboration with our team, but I also take care of the follow-up and the preparatory work for our production. Together with the entire team, I continually try to identify areas for improvement in order to optimize the work process at Belcofeed.

"I feel more like a responsible colleague than a boss, my door is literally always open"

Every week, we draw up the production schedule and decide on the raw materials we need. Together with our colleagues in Antwerp, we ensure that these raw materials arrive on time at our site. My job requires a good dose of stress resistance and maturity, because we work to tight deadlines! We work very specifically for each customer; they all have their own animal feed formulas that we produce especially for them.

There is close cooperation with our colleagues in Antwerp, who take care of the shipping of our products. During food inspection visits, I provide the necessary assistance to ensure that the sample check runs smoothly.

The biggest challenge is to put together a real TEAM on the work floor. The atmosphere and working environment here are excellent. Colleagues are always ready to help each other.
When we have to unload a container filled with 50 kilo bags, for example, this is no problem at all, because all colleagues are willing to roll up their sleeves. When someone is absent due to illness or for any other reason, there is always a colleague who replaces him. I think that's fantastic and it makes me want to give the best of myself in return! After all, our employees make Belcofeed what it is and to everything it stands for. I have a team of employees I can rely on and they make sure our orders get to our customers “just in time”. For Belcofeed, there is nothing more important.

I feel more like a responsible colleague than a boss, my door is literally always open. I know all the employees very well. I know what's going on at work, and to some extent also in their private lives. This creates a close bond, an open mind and above all a good team spirit!

Our production site works in a 3 shift system. Every day, about 25 containers leave our premises On Sunday evening, the new working week starts with the night shift. I always go to work at that time to go through the week's schedule and to keep in touch with this team, which I find very important.

In my job, I have a great deal of autonomy, which I appreciate and respect. I can say that I have a fantastic job with good colleagues and new challenges every day, in short, the job of my dreams!