Marketing and Sales Administrator Belux at DCM

I joined Group DC in July 2018 as Marketing and Sales Administrator Belux.

"Even though we don’t all have the same job or expertise, we help each other"

In this role, I act as a link between sales and marketing, which means that I work very closely with both departments. I pass on all the communication needs of the sales department to marketing. These include, for example, texts for advertisements, banners, posters, newsletters, exhibition materials, etc. Marketing then takes care of an optimal presentation. Everyone is open to feedback, which makes cooperation run smoothly. And that's how we achieve the desired result together. I give the final approval for printing.

It is the diversity that makes my work particularly interesting. Every day is different and in the morning I have no idea how my day will go. I also speak quite a bit of French and thanks to the daily contacts with our French-speaking colleagues and customers, I can keep my French language skills sharp.

What I like about working at Group DC is the atmosphere and the loyalty to the company and colleagues. Everyone is ready to lend a hand whenever possible. Even though we don’t all have the same job or expertise, we help each other. Our managers are also very accessible. All this means that there is a strong family atmosphere.