Technical Expert - Naturapy® at DCM

After more than 20 years of experience in crop protection and driven by my passion for the profession, I started working at Group De Ceuster in 2005. One of the first projects I worked on was the development of a warning system for our private and professional customers. This system informs garden enthusiasts about the disease or pest that threatens their garden at that very moment and allows them to know which product to use at what time for a targeted and effective treatment. Over the years I have built up a good relationship of trust with our customers.

"When I hear Herman De Ceuster speak passionately, I definitely get goose bumps".

In 2015, I took part in a new project at DCM, named Naturapy®. It is the “newest addition” to our product range for amateur gardeners. This range is based on our philosophy on sustainable development and its basic idea is to start with healthy plants and keep them healthy rather than curing them. The products of the DCM Naturapy® range primarily act preventively by increasing the plant’s vigour and strengthening its intrinsic resistance in a completely natural way. This makes the plant less susceptible to possible diseases. If unexpected problems occur anyway, we can offer a sustainable and effective solution with the Naturapy® product range. I can make very good use of my expertise and share it within this concept. Together with our product managers and the sales department, we try to find out what the market is looking for. I also provide support to the marketing team for the development of packaging. For this purpose, I also assist our photographer in finding the most appropriate images and photos.

For me, my job starts with passion and drive. And this certainly doesn’t just apply to me ; it is nice to share the same passion with your employer. When I hear Herman De Ceuster speak passionately, I definitely get goose bumps. I really appreciate the De Ceuster family. At Group De Ceuster the slogan “ For each other, with each other, by each other” is really put into practice. We continue to grow, because we want to meet the needs of our customers in an optimal way, and we are happy to do so.