Purchase Manager at DCM

In 2008, while on maternity leave after the birth of my second son, I received an unexpected call about a vacancy at DCM. Although I was not actively looking for a new position at the time, I was immediately intrigued by the job content ("hunter of raw materials") and decided to satisfy my curiosity. During the first interview, I immediately "felt it click" and soon afterwards I made my decision. I had worked in a commercial context before, but mostly on the sales side. It seemed a big challenge to me to be on the "other side" in this purchasing function. I was immediately surprised in a positive way by the confidence, credit and opportunities I was given at DCM, even before I had proven anything substantial.

"At DCM, everyone knows each other, doors are always open, both literally and figuratively".

And now, six years later, I am responsible for purchasing the raw materials that determine the quality of our organic fertilisers. As a purchasing manager, I have contact with suppliers all over the world; it is an exciting challenge, often also on a cultural level. Since recently, I am also responsible for the formulation of the fertilisers, which allows me to follow the entire process from beginning to end. My aim is to buy competitively, strategically and innovatively, so that we can continue to grow as a company and ensure the continuity of our core business. Thanks to the close cooperation with various departments within the company, including production, planning, R&D, sales, customer service, finance, registrations, ... we succeed in achieving this together.

I like working at DCM because it is a family business, where the second generation is actively involved in running the business. Also among colleagues, it feels like one big family. Everyone knows each other and doors are always open, both literally and figuratively. I also like being able to put so much of myself into this job. The freedom I get encourages me to do better and better.