Administrative Assistant /receptionist at Belcofeed

I started working at Belcofeed as an administrative assistant on April 2, 2015. It was a temporary job that would end after one month, but meanwhile this month has become a period of more than 4 years already...

"Flexibility, follow-up and immediate action are the key words that play a crucial role in our daily activities ".

As an administrative assistant and receptionist, I perform a wide variety of tasks. On the one hand, there is the administrative work, which I take care of for most of the day. Administration includes preparing everything needed for our production, printing product labels, creating shipping documents, processing orders and more. On the other hand, I work in close collaboration with my supervisor and another colleague, as well as with colleagues from the logistics department of our sister company Intraco for everything related to production and transport planning. The planning can change every day or be disrupted by unforeseen circumstances, which makes my job very challenging.

The nice thing about the job is that besides the mountains of paperwork, you also keep contact with a lot of people: the phone never stops ringing, for example, and all the drivers pass by my desk to receive loading instructions and documents. My language skills in English, French and German are therefore often very useful to me.

It is not only because of the content of my work, but also because of my colleagues that I enjoy coming to work every day. All colleagues are available for each other and we laugh a lot. At Belcofeed, it’s a man's world, but when I go through the warehouse to pick up heavy boxes, they are all ready to help me. In addition to our colleagues at DCM in Grobbendonk, we are also in direct contact with our colleagues at Intraco in Antwerp. We consult with each other to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible and that all customers are satisfied.

My job is never boring. Although my tasks are repetitive, they are slightly different each time, because all our customers are unique and have their own wants and needs. Flexibility, follow-up and immediate action are the key words that play a crucial role in our daily activities. 

In short, working at Belcofeed is fun. It is an exciting market with a lot of opportunities. A good working atmosphere, varied work and a nice team make me want to give my all every day.