Export Key Account & Product Manager Germany at DCM

During my studies as a bio-engineer, I spent four months in Mexico doing research on conservation agriculture for my thesis. After graduating, I decided to work abroad for a year. Driven by my passion for foreign countries, I wanted to find a challenging job once back in Belgium. I didn’t know DCM, but the varied job as well as the organic and environmentally friendly aspect of this company appealed to me.

So I started 11 years ago and the first few years I mainly supported our export manager at that time. Today, I am responsible for providing technical-commercial support to my customers in the various export countries. Our team consists of 4 Key Account Managers, each of whom manages his or her own region. My regions are Eastern and Southern Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Asia. In addition, I actively look for new customers and potential markets by visiting trade fairs and networking events and by conducting online research.

"DCM strongly emphasizes service and quality. It is reassuring to be able to rely on such foundations in cooperation with my customers".

A second part of my job is the product management for the German retail market. I spend about 40% of my time on this part of my job. In this function, I work closely together with our marketing and product development departments as well as with our German subsidiary.

It is the combination of the two functions that makes my job very interesting. I like working with our German colleagues, they are very punctual and the agreements made are always well respected. However, each export country is different and has its own charms. DCM is a company that strongly emphasizes service and quality. It is reassuring to be able to rely on such foundations in cooperation with my customers. After all, these foundations contribute to the relationship of trust that I currently have with my customers, and this is what gives me satisfaction and allows us to grow together.

This family business has grown enormously in recent years, with many new colleagues and departments, but despite this, the workplace atmosphere remains very pleasant. They listen to our ideas. For example, we were able to organize “the Warmest Winter Bar”, a large bar that raised 5000 euros for worthy causes. We have also been allowed to hang nesting boxes in several trees on our business premises and together with some colleagues, i regularly clean up litter in the areas around our premises.